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WOMEN / Vae Victis

MTV Punk T-Shirt in Black
Vae Victis MTV Punk T-Shirt in Black
Price: $54.99 $27.49
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What is LIFE?
Have you ever thought about it?
If you are negative, stop for a moment and make the environment around you freeze. Now you see that clear, don’t you? Are you stiffened with astonishment? I clearly understand what you feel. It is high time to realize that, unfortunately, you are not a cat with seven lives, you have got just one, I’d better even say a single life. That means you are extremely short in time if you have a lot of dreams to come true. On the one hand, you are very busy as you need to take care of your family and become successful at work, on the other hand, you shouldn’t forget about yourself. Seize all the opportunities to take pure delight in living in this amazing world. There are so many exciting and thrilling things you can try. Well, for example, traveling or parachute jumping, sports or music, arts or auto racing, horse riding or craft! But whatever you do and whoever you are, it is important for you to look great! Don’t argue with it, we live in the society where clothes count for first impressions. Moreover, when you understand that the way you look impresses other people and helps you somehow to find your place in this world, you feel how your self-appraisal is coming up! We are all human beings and clothing is an important part of our life. It, surely, helps us to fulful ourselves, to manifest ourselves, to make our life more comfortable, beautiful and bright. Fashion designers are people who devote their lives to such a noble cause: to open hidden opportunities on our way to success. Their creations are pretty expensive and most of people don’t even dare to enter luxurious fashion designers boutiques located in fashion capitals! I assume people are frightened to see “many numbers” on price tags attached to brand dresses or suits. Yes, unfortunately, it is a fact: brand names clothing cannot be considered affordable for mass. It is not a surprise. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the cost of products and make fashion designers clothes available for more people worldwide. This is what our online fashion store ( is working on now! We are proud to offer original fashion designers clothing. A really big choice of fashion brands collections are available online in our fashion store for surprising prices you will never see in fashion boutiques! Classy and famous fashion brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada, Roberto Cavalli mixed with modern, fresh and youth collections like Del Maro and Guess, spiced with rock-and-roll of Richmond and warmed by sweet UGG boots for up to 70% OFF price discount and free shipping is more than attractive for fashion lovers. Do you agree? Let me anticipate the questions you might have: How is that possible that Milaneze( prices are so low? Here is my answer in brief:e. We are a team of professionals in an efficient functional organization. We follow the rule of international specialization of labour which helps us to cut down expenses on our way to reduce price of fashion clothing we sell worldwide.f. We save a lot on glossy premises with expensive fittings and office furniture which cost a great deal of money but do not contribute much to meeting the expenses. Our office is our web site. It is the online fashion store, where you can spend hours looking for a right item sitting in your comfortable arm-chair at home with a cup of aromatic coffee. g. We take part in numerous fashion auctions and visit Fashion Shows around the world and sign advantageous and beneficial contracts with the leading fashion designers houses. All the collections, all the fashion clothing brands in one place, to any taste and for any budget! This is how we save your time and money! h. We have millions of customers from around the world. So, we have special agreements with shipping companies which provide us with the best quotations for their services. We take advantage of it offering free courier shipping for our customers with any purchase over $200 to almoust any destination. This is a good tip, isn’t it?i. Our mission is to help people to open themselves in a new quality through the freedom spirit gained from wearing fashion designers clothing. The more people worldwide can afford it, the happier we are! So, we follow the strategy of economy of scale, which means we prefer to sell more for low prices than less for high prices. j. We use advanced marketing tools to attract more customers. A special event make more money with has been recently announced to increase the popularity of our online fashion store. It is now possible for a regular customer to become a > partner and earn more attracting new buyers.k. Customer support. Do you think you are along in our online fashion store and no one can help you to choose the right size? You are mistaken! We are always near you, ready to answer any question. Just have a look at our support page. Our store assistant will help you in life chat or skype. If you decide to send up a message, you will get our response almost immediately! We are proud of our 24/7 support we offer to our Customers as our main goal is to see you happy and back with further purchases!l. It is safe to buy fashion clothing online in our fashion store PayPal was chosen as a main payment method and assure secure money processing. Our online fashion store is being tested daily by “McAfee Secure” Security Scan. That means, our customers don’t worry about identity theft, viruses, spam, or spyware. It will never happen to them on We never stop expanding our business. New men and women fashion designers collections of clothes and accessories will appear shortly in our online store Wide choice of goods is considered to be a guarantee of our success and our customers satisfaction. We are very happy to see you in our online fashion store and we hope that you know the answer to the question “What is LIFE?” now.

LIFE means Family, Success and…Fashion! Happy Shopping!

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